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Recovering Your Life After Separation

TweetWhen her partner of 7 years announced over breakfast that he was moving out, Mia* was more in shock than anything else. The heartbreak came later. “Everything seemed fine between us. I didn’t understand why he was leaving. I knew … Continue reading

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Help Me, I’m Wasting Time Looking at Pornography!

TweetWasting time is one reason people contact me for help to stop or cut back on looking at sexually explicit images and videos. There are other reasons too. And there are reasons people start to use pornography in the first … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Recover Yourself from Burnout

The expectations of modern life mean that Burnout and Depression are affecting more people. Narrative Therapy and counselling can assist you to regain a sense of who you are and what is important in life. Meeting with a counsellor is a step towards recovering yourself from Burnout. Continue reading

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