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Private Skype Counselling in English for Expats: Tips and Support for Your Journey

TweetCounselling expats, I’m privileged to be invited to hear stories from the private lives of those who trade comfort and familiarity for the unknown. While the expat experience is more often portrayed as glamorous and exciting, many find the reality … Continue reading

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How do I Know if I have Depression, Anxiety or Mental Illness?

TweetIf you are asking this question, it’s a sign that you could benefit from speaking with a mental health professional. October is Mental Health Month with 10 October being World Mental Health day. Here are some tips on how to … Continue reading

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What is Bisexuality? And how do I know if I’m Bi?

TweetIndividual attraction to both men and women has only been described as ‘bisexuality’ for about 100 years. What happened before that? Were people either straight or gay? I wasn’t around but I doubt it. Human sexuality is diverse and complex … Continue reading

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Sustainable Psychotherapy: What is Eco Friendly Counselling and Where to find a Green Therapist

TweetWe are increasingly being encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle and be mindful of the impact our activities have on the environment. In deciding to make changes to their lives, many people question their own place in consumer culture, the … Continue reading

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Risk, Safety and Effectiveness in Internet Based Counselling

TweetDespite the best attempts to try to regulate counselling practice and therapy, paying for any service will always be, to some extent, a matter of ‘let the buyer beware’. A professional online counsellor or therapist will only work within his … Continue reading

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