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Private Skype Counselling in English for Expats: Tips and Support for Your Journey

TweetCounselling expats, I’m privileged to be invited to hear stories from the private lives of those who trade comfort and familiarity for the unknown. While the expat experience is more often portrayed as glamorous and exciting, many find the reality … Continue reading

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Are You Man Enough? Does Masculinity Therapy Work for Porn Addiction, Anger and Violence?

TweetPorn Addiction recovery groups for men sound like a good idea. Telling your story to a supportive audience has been demonstrated as an effective way to gain more influence over your life. But what about challenging men to be more … Continue reading

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Face to Face Therapy & Counselling in Australia

TweetTo be kept informed of my availability in Sydney, click here to receive my newsletter. Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment, Bipolar, Alcohol & Drug Use + Mental Health Disorders For most of the year I am available for in-person appointments in Sydney, … Continue reading

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What Are The Advantages of Online Relationship Counselling?

TweetSex has dropped away. Intimacy and sharing good times seem to have become a memory. Once there was joy and passion but now the sense of specialness is gone. The meaning behind being together has started to be unclear. It … Continue reading

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Pornography ‘Addiction’ Therapy: Help to Research Your Own Expert Knowledge

TweetHelp for pornography addiction is a therapy topic I am regularly consulted about. I’ve been working with ideas and strategies associated with ‘porn addiction’ for a number of years. I’ve had therapeutic consultations with many individuals, particularly men, concerned about … Continue reading

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