A Starter Conversation for Problems with Alcohol

Alcohol means different things to different people, but everyone has a relationship to it be it associated with enjoyment, avoidance, overindulgence, moderation or struggle. Reflecting on the kind of relationship we would like to have with Alcohol can be a first step towards dealing with a drinking problem.

5 Things Gay Men and Lesbians Can Do to Feel Better About Sex

Lesbians and gay men can experience discrimination as a result of ignorance and dominant attitudes in society about sex and relationships. Often these difficulties cause shame and fear about sex. Talking about sex and getting to know others with similar experiences can help lesbians and gay men to feel better about sex.

Internet Counselling & Online Therapy

Hello there! I’m Ash Rehn, counsellor and therapist at Forward Therapy. Please take a look around the site and discover how counselling and therapy over the Internet can be confidential, comfortable and so much more convenient. Read more about Forward Therapy here Find out about online counselling services Take a look at my experience and… Continue reading Internet Counselling & Online Therapy