About Ash Rehn

My career in therapeutic conversations goes back over 33 years to 1989 when I started up a youth support group on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Since qualifying as a social worker, I’ve worked extensively in Australia, the UK and Sweden in not-for-profits, government services and corporate organisations in the fields of housing, youth volunteering, disability, HIV prevention & sexual health, health media and mental health. In 2008 I gained my accreditation as a mental health therapist, commenced in private practice in Sydney and went on to forge an international reputation as an online therapist.

An Experienced Therapist

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Specialist Therapy Areas

I specialise in relationship counselling, sex and sexuality related concerns, religious trauma and therapy for burnout, mid life crisis and life changes. However I am also experienced in working with depression, anxiety, lesbian and gay counselling and counselling for drug and alcohol problems. Many people contact me with a view to discussing concerns around their pornography use and the concept of ‘sex addiction‘.

Approaches to Therapy

I take a collaborative approach to helping people and am interested in the way we make sense of our experiences. During my career, I have trained in a range of therapeutic approaches including but not limited to solution focussed counselling, motivational interviewing, family therapy practices and CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy). However my current practice is mostly informed by social constructionist understandings.

I invite you join me in some therapeutic conversations online or in person. I welcome you to bring along stories of how you have dealt with or resisted the problems in your life, your struggles, your hopes and your intentions for the future, your curiosity and your determination. In helping people become unstuck and find direction, I am interested in exploring the way particular problems and ‘disorders’ are constructed through language and culture. Many of the ideas I bring to my work as a therapist derive from the founders of narrative therapyMichael White and David Epston, the collaborative practices of renowned therapists like Harlene Anderson and the self compassion practices of Kristin Neff.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ash Rehn BSocWk, MA, MSC, AMHSW.

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“I en-courage people”

Ash Rehn

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Photograph of Ash Rehn, who is a counsellor and mental health therapist, wearing a blue shirt