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Therapy online from the comfort of home

Access private counselling and online therapy over the Internet from the comfort of home. Talk with your therapist about anything you are concerned about or that is important to you. Use therapeutic conversations to find direction, become unstuck and start to feel better. Online counselling is easy, convenient and confidential.

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Help for burnout, sex and relationship issues

My name is Ash Rehn and I am a professional counsellor and therapist specialising in online counselling for:

  • Anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Depression
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Sex and Relationship Issues
  • Concerns about ‘Sex Addiction’
  • Porn ‘Addiction’ and Pornography Use Problems
  • Counselling for Gay Men, Lesbians and other LGBT People.

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Webcam, phone, chat or email counselling

Online consultations are available with me online using your choice of webcam, phone, instant message or email counselling exchanges. You can meet with me through Skype video or choose to discuss problems without being seen. We can have a whole therapy session through typing words in real time to each other, or exchange emails if you prefer to decide when you write. Meeting with an online therapist makes the therapeutic relationship flexible and easy.

options for online counselling and therapy

Therapy over the Internet is a practical and effective way to resolve relationship problems, manage anxiety and depression, address sex and sexuality issues and deal with concerns about pornography addiction and midlife crisis. Speak to me in private from you own home using webcam, email or instant message. Online counselling is convenient, comfortable and confidential.

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