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Is this Sex Addiction? Questioning ‘Sex Addiction’ in Therapy and Counselling Conversations

TweetThis paper examines the concept of ‘sex addiction’, and its increasing popularity since the emergence of AIDS in gay communities in the 1980s. Adopting narrative therapy’s ethical orientations of decentred yet influential positioning, and being in a ‘lifelong apprenticeship’, the … Continue reading

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Narrative Therapy

TweetWhat is Narrative Therapy? Narrative Therapy is a form of conversational therapy based on the proposition that we all tell stories about our lives and experiences, even if only to ourselves, and that it is through the telling of these … Continue reading

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Men, Anger and the Breakthroughs of Talk Therapy

Talk Therapy enables us to develop new meaning, arrive at different understandings and make breakthroughs. For men, this kind of confidential communication offers alternatives to making sense of Anger and overcoming the expectations of masculinity. Counselling is a journey we can take in collaboration with a therapist so we can keep the destination open. Continue reading

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About Forward Therapy

TweetOnline Counselling | Narrative Therapy | Collaborative Solutions Therapy online from the comfort of home Access private counselling and online therapy over the Internet from the comfort of home. Talk with your therapist about anything you are concerned about or that … Continue reading

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About Forward Therapy

Consultations in London in November 2010

TweetCounselling Therapy in London Face to Face Counselling in London Ash will be available for face to face consultations in central London 22-23 November. If you would like to meet for a therapeutic conversation , send an email or leave … Continue reading

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