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  • How to Treat ‘Sex Addiction’: The Role of the Therapist

    How to Treat ‘Sex Addiction’: The Role of the Therapist

    Is sex addiction really a legitimate mental health problem or just an excuse for sleeping around? That was the question Tom Tilley used to open the Hack Live Sex Addicts programme shown on Australia’s public tv broadcaster the ABC this week. I’m sure a lot of viewers were hoping to get a handle on their…

  • Long Term Counselling or Psychotherapy: Is it Effective?

    Long term therapy is a collaborative meaning making process with a therapist or counsellor. The effectiveness of the work depends on the relationship that develops in the therapeutic space as well as the openness of the conversation.

  • Men, Anger and the Breakthroughs of Talk Therapy

    Talk Therapy enables us to develop new meaning, arrive at different understandings and make breakthroughs. For men, this kind of confidential communication offers alternatives to making sense of Anger and overcoming the expectations of masculinity. Counselling is a journey we can take in collaboration with a therapist so we can keep the destination open.