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  • Recovering from Religious Trauma: Therapy with a Secular Counsellor

    Recovering from Religious Trauma: Therapy with a Secular Counsellor

    Meeting with a secular therapist is a good first step for recovering from religious trauma. ‘Religious Trauma’ describes the psychological distress caused by abusive religious practices, teachings and institutions. It can take many forms, including spiritual abuse, indoctrination, or a traumatic event associated with faith. Religious trauma can have a profound impact and long-lasting effects…

  • Comparing Ourselves to Others and the ‘Normal’ in Therapy

    Have you ever found yourself thinking about a particular person who lives across the hall, across the street or on the other side of the world and who has it better than you? They have more money, a better job,  or a love-life you yearn for. You envy their talent or looks. You watch them…

  • Advice or Therapy? Taking a Collaborative Approach with Your Therapist

    People are always asking me for advice. I regularly receive requests over email, via my websites and even on Facebook asking me for advice or direction with particular problems or difficulties. Often these requests are for relationship advice, or advice about how to find confidence or how to develop certain ‘communication skills’. It is not…

  • How to Find Self-Confidence Online

    Struggling with plans and goals that seem to amount to nothing? Talking about changes online is one positive step you can take to make them happen.