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  • What Are The Advantages of Online Relationship Counselling?

    Sex has dropped away. Intimacy and sharing good times seem to have become a memory. Once there was joy and passion but now the sense of specialness is gone. The meaning behind being together has started to be unclear. It sometimes feels like just two individuals cohabiting or living together instead of a couple. It’s…

  • Long Term Counselling or Psychotherapy: Is it Effective?

    Long term therapy is a collaborative meaning making process with a therapist or counsellor. The effectiveness of the work depends on the relationship that develops in the therapeutic space as well as the openness of the conversation.

  • Online Counselling vs Face-To-Face Therapy: Not Better or Worse, Just Different

    Online counselling is not better or worse than face-to-face appointments, it is just a different option with its own advantages and benefits. Online counselling is the future of talk therapy and because it is so comfortable, it has the potential to help many people.

  • Men, Anger and the Breakthroughs of Talk Therapy

    Talk Therapy enables us to develop new meaning, arrive at different understandings and make breakthroughs. For men, this kind of confidential communication offers alternatives to making sense of Anger and overcoming the expectations of masculinity. Counselling is a journey we can take in collaboration with a therapist so we can keep the destination open.

  • Losing Yourself… And Finding Yourself Again!

    Online therapy can provide an alternative to self-help at times when we have lost direction or our sense of self. Recovering from burnout or mid-life crisis in collaboration with a therapist can be easier than finding our identity in isolation.

  • Consultations in London in November 2010

    Counselling Therapy in London Face to Face Counselling in London Ash will be available for face to face consultations in central London 22-23 November. If you would like to meet for a therapeutic conversation , send an email or leave a message on the London number. Online Counselling You can continue from this counselling appointment…