What Are The Advantages of Online Relationship Counselling?

Sex has dropped away. Intimacy and sharing good times seem to have become a memory. Once there was joy and passion but now the sense of specialness is gone. The meaning behind being together has started to be unclear. It sometimes feels like just two individuals cohabiting or living together instead of a couple. It’s… Continue reading What Are The Advantages of Online Relationship Counselling?

Long Term Counselling or Psychotherapy: Is it Effective?

Long term therapy is a collaborative meaning making process with a therapist or counsellor. The effectiveness of the work depends on the relationship that develops in the therapeutic space as well as the openness of the conversation.

A Conversation about Anxiety using Narrative Therapy.

Anxiety is a problem for many people. Talking therapies, such as Narrative Therapy, can assist to manage or overcome anxiety. A skilled Narrative Therapist can help a person to externalise anxiety and gain a greater sense of influence over it.