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  • Inspiration in Treatment: The Rewards of Working as a Therapist in 2013

    How was 2013 for you? What does 2014 have in store? Do you have any New Years Resolutions? When out socially, I’m regularly told that my work must be demanding, difficult and depressing. It must take its toll on you, people say. I don’t want to pretend that being a therapist isn’t challenging and personally […]

  • Psychoanalysis or Quick Fix: What is the Most Effective Approach to Sex Therapy?

    What is the best approach to sex therapy? Psychoanalysis or brief, solution focussed counselling? Or is there an alternative? What should I look for in a sex therapist? Sex Therapists Online: It’s the Relationship That Counts Before people start trying to find a sex therapist online, it’s common for them to reading comparisons between short-term, […]

  • Risk, Safety and Effectiveness in Internet Based Counselling

    Despite the best attempts to try to regulate counselling practice and therapy, paying for any service will always be, to some extent, a matter of ‘let the buyer beware’. A professional online counsellor or therapist will only work within his or her competencies. If you are considering online counselling, you can make some enquiries of […]

  • Online Counselling vs Face-To-Face Therapy: Not Better or Worse, Just Different

    Online counselling is not better or worse than face-to-face appointments, it is just a different option with its own advantages and benefits. Online counselling is the future of talk therapy and because it is so comfortable, it has the potential to help many people.

  • Men, Anger and the Breakthroughs of Talk Therapy

    Talk Therapy enables us to develop new meaning, arrive at different understandings and make breakthroughs. For men, this kind of confidential communication offers alternatives to making sense of Anger and overcoming the expectations of masculinity. Counselling is a journey we can take in collaboration with a therapist so we can keep the destination open.

  • Advice or Therapy? Taking a Collaborative Approach with Your Therapist

    People are always asking me for advice. I regularly receive requests over email, via my websites and even on Facebook asking me for advice or direction with particular problems or difficulties. Often these requests are for relationship advice, or advice about how to find confidence or how to develop certain ‘communication skills’. It is not […]