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  • How to Treat ‘Sex Addiction’: The Role of the Therapist

    How to Treat ‘Sex Addiction’: The Role of the Therapist

    Is sex addiction really a legitimate mental health problem or just an excuse for sleeping around? That was the question Tom Tilley used to open the Hack Live Sex Addicts programme shown on Australia’s public tv broadcaster the ABC this week. I’m sure a lot of viewers were hoping to get a handle on their […]

  • Sex and Performance Anxiety: Listening to the Body to Quieten the Brain

    Sex and Performance Anxiety: Listening to the Body to Quieten the Brain

    Erectile dysfunction. Body Dysmorphia. Sex and Porn Addiction. The common factor is they all involve a man’s relationship with his body. Sensations in our bodies can tell us not only what we are experiencing but what we need to do to feel comfortable. The trouble comes when we forget to listen to them, or don’t […]

  • Inspiration in Treatment: The Rewards of Working as a Therapist in 2013

    How was 2013 for you? What does 2014 have in store? Do you have any New Years Resolutions? When out socially, I’m regularly told that my work must be demanding, difficult and depressing. It must take its toll on you, people say. I don’t want to pretend that being a therapist isn’t challenging and personally […]

  • Is this Sex Addiction? Questioning ‘Sex Addiction’ in Therapy and Counselling Conversations

    This paper examines the concept of ‘sex addiction’, and its increasing popularity since the emergence of AIDS in gay communities in the 1980s. Adopting narrative therapy’s ethical orientations of decentred yet influential positioning, and being in a ‘lifelong apprenticeship’, the author worked with a number of men to renegotiate their relationship with ‘sex addiction’ in […]

  • Pornography ‘Addiction’ Therapy: Help to Research Your Own Expert Knowledge

    Help for pornography addiction is a therapy topic I am regularly consulted about. I’ve been working with ideas and strategies associated with ‘porn addiction’ for a number of years. I’ve had therapeutic consultations with many individuals, particularly men, concerned about their use of sexually explicit websites, videos and images. Porn Compulsion: Getting it Out in […]

  • Gay Men and ‘Sex Addiction’

    by Niclas Ericsson. Have you ever wondered if you are addicted to sex? Or have you had anxiety because you could not seem to stop surfing porn despite trying? In this case you are not alone. It is not uncommon for gay men to seek help for what they perceive as sex or porn addiction. […]