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  • Losing Yourself… And Finding Yourself Again!

    Online therapy can provide an alternative to self-help at times when we have lost direction or our sense of self. Recovering from burnout or mid-life crisis in collaboration with a therapist can be easier than finding our identity in isolation.

  • Consultations in London in November 2010

    Counselling Therapy in London Face to Face Counselling in London Ash will be available for face to face consultations in central London 22-23 November. If you would like to meet for a therapeutic conversation , send an email or leave a message on the London number. Online Counselling You can continue from this counselling appointment…

  • Advice or Therapy? Taking a Collaborative Approach with Your Therapist

    People are always asking me for advice. I regularly receive requests over email, via my websites and even on Facebook asking me for advice or direction with particular problems or difficulties. Often these requests are for relationship advice, or advice about how to find confidence or how to develop certain ‘communication skills’. It is not…

  • 8 Ways to Recover Yourself from Burnout

    The expectations of modern life mean that Burnout and Depression are affecting more people. Narrative Therapy and counselling can assist you to regain a sense of who you are and what is important in life. Meeting with a counsellor is a step towards recovering yourself from Burnout.

  • What is Sex Addiction?

    The idea called ‘sex addiction’ is receiving a lot of media coverage right now. But when we start investigating ‘sex addiction’ in psychotherapy and counselling situations, we discover that the idea and reality are two very different things! In this article, Ash Rehn asks the question ‘what is sex addiction?’ and explores this question from…

  • Using Life Metaphors in Gay Counselling & Psychotherapy

    Metaphors provide a way for clients and therapists to work in partnership in counselling and psychotherapy. This article examines the use of metaphors in gay counselling to assist clients to come to their own interpretations and start finding answers and solutions to problems about relationships, friendship and trust.