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  • Recovering Your Life After Separation

    When her partner of 7 years announced over breakfast that he was moving out, Mia* was more in shock than anything else. The heartbreak came later. “Everything seemed fine between us. I didn’t understand why he was leaving. I knew I was upset, but I wasn’t going to let myself sit around being miserable.” Trying…

  • Psychoanalysis or Quick Fix: What is the Most Effective Approach to Sex Therapy?

    What is the best approach to sex therapy? Psychoanalysis or brief, solution focussed counselling? Or is there an alternative? What should I look for in a sex therapist? Sex Therapists Online: It’s the Relationship That Counts Before people start trying to find a sex therapist online, it’s common for them to reading comparisons between short-term,…

  • Online Counselling vs Face-To-Face Therapy: Not Better or Worse, Just Different

    Online counselling is not better or worse than face-to-face appointments, it is just a different option with its own advantages and benefits. Online counselling is the future of talk therapy and because it is so comfortable, it has the potential to help many people.

  • Losing Yourself… And Finding Yourself Again!

    Online therapy can provide an alternative to self-help at times when we have lost direction or our sense of self. Recovering from burnout or mid-life crisis in collaboration with a therapist can be easier than finding our identity in isolation.

  • 8 Ways to Recover Yourself from Burnout

    The expectations of modern life mean that Burnout and Depression are affecting more people. Narrative Therapy and counselling can assist you to regain a sense of who you are and what is important in life. Meeting with a counsellor is a step towards recovering yourself from Burnout.