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  • Psychoanalysis or Quick Fix: What is the Most Effective Approach to Sex Therapy?

    What is the best approach to sex therapy? Psychoanalysis or brief, solution focussed counselling? Or is there an alternative? What should I look for in a sex therapist? Sex Therapists Online: It’s the Relationship That Counts Before people start trying to find a sex therapist online, it’s common for them to reading comparisons between short-term, […]

  • Help Me, I’m Wasting Time Looking at Pornography!

    Wasting time is one reason people contact me for help to stop or cut back on looking at sexually explicit images and videos. There are other reasons too. And there are reasons people start to use pornography in the first place. Opening up about about your relationship with pornography is a first step you can […]

  • Benefits of Online Counselling for Men who are Gay and Married (to a woman) or Older Men Coming Out

    If you are a man in your forties, fifties or older, taking the first steps towards identifying as gay or bisexual can feel difficult and frightening. You are not alone. Many men have made this journey before you. And therapy with a supportive and affirming gay counsellor over webcam or through telephone counselling offers a […]

  • Help for Men who are Gay and Married to a Woman or Coming Out Later in Life

    How to deal with homosexual attraction and identity can be a big question for you if you are a man in your forties, fifties or older and you are questioning your sexuality or the way you live your life. And making decisions about family, wives, children and friends is one of the main reasons gay […]

  • Gay Men and ‘Sex Addiction’

    by Niclas Ericsson. Have you ever wondered if you are addicted to sex? Or have you had anxiety because you could not seem to stop surfing porn despite trying? In this case you are not alone. It is not uncommon for gay men to seek help for what they perceive as sex or porn addiction. […]

  • Using Life Metaphors in Gay Counselling & Psychotherapy

    Metaphors provide a way for clients and therapists to work in partnership in counselling and psychotherapy. This article examines the use of metaphors in gay counselling to assist clients to come to their own interpretations and start finding answers and solutions to problems about relationships, friendship and trust.